Providing 50 tons of flour to support a bakery in rural Idleb

Ihsan for Relief and Development coordinated with Human Appeal to support a Al-Ghadafeh Bakery in rural Idleb by providing 50 tons of flour on September 8, 2014. The goal of the project was to activate the bakery, which provides bread for token prices to 8000 residents in four nearby villages. One ton of flour is enough to produce 10,000 loafs of bread.

Distribution of health baskets in rural Lattakia

Syrian Forum’s Ihsan for Relief and Development distributed health baskets provided by UNICEF in rural Lattakia. The distribution spanned five municipalities, made up of 65 villages, with 19,362 residents. These municipalities are: Kanasba – Marj Al Zawiya – Sharoura – Duwerke – Ako.

Power supply project in Der Ezzor

Syrian Forum’s Ihsan for Relief and Development completed a power supply project in Al-Hatleh village in Der Ezzor. The project entailed the purchasing, transporting, and installing of an electric power generator. The project ensures pumping water directly to village houses. Approximately 39000 people live in Al-Hatleh.