training course for speed-reading

Bousla Training Center completed a three-day training course for speed-reading on October 11, 2014, as part of its ongoing quest to develop core personal skills. The training took place in Bousla’s training headquarters in Gaziantep. The training workshop, hosted by Fadi Fael, targeted specific groups including students, researchers, preachers, lecturers and teachers, in an effort to increase their reading speed by two or three-fold, and to raise their levels of concentration and comprehension.

Ihsan completed the distribution of assistance worth $49,571

Ihsan for Relief and Development completed the distribution of assistance worth $49,571 in the last quarter of September and the first half of October 2014. Assistance included shelter supplies, health baskets and transportation allowances for Syrian IDPs in rural Idleb (the villages of Sargila, Rabia and Shanshrah). This was completed within SF’s current contract with the NGO ACTED. Ihsan’s team directed distribution operations, which were attended by Mr. Mohammad AlMasry, SF’s Idleb office manager. It is worth noting that Ihsan’s field team visited the distribution area previously in September and documented a complete absence of necessary infrastructure. Approximately 2500 IDPs reside in the distribution area.

Providing 2000 tons of flour to Northern Syria

On September 20, 2014, a humanitarian NGO announced its intentions to send 2000 tons of flour and 10,000 health and food baskets to northern areas in Syria out of regime control. The British relief organization, Human Appeal, also announced its decision to launch its fifth aid campaign for Syrians. The announcement was made in a press conference attended by Ihsan for Relief and Development alongside a number of other relief organizations in Antakya. Othman Muqbel, executive director of Human Appeal, stated in front of the press that the organization is set to sending 4000 tons of flour to Syria before the start of 2015. Muhanad Othman represented Ihsan, and outlined the immense human struggle Syrians experience daily, and the coordination necessary among relief organizations to respond to the massive aid needs. He also highlighted the unique and essential role Syrian Forum plays in aid work due to its far spreading reach within Syria. The price of bread in Syria has soared in areas outside regime control. Lack of government support for essential products, and rising inflation have stunted Syrian’s ability to purchase. Muhanad Othman also stressed the importance of supporting development sectors in Syria “To create a new and simplified temporary local economy that can meet many of local needs until suffering ends in its entirety and life returns to normal.” Human Appeal ranks among the most important aid organizations operating in Syria. It has provided substantial support to bakeries throughout Syria in the northern, central and eastern regions. It also played an important role in supporting aid and educational projects since 2011.

Providing 50 tons of flour to support a bakery in rural Idleb

Ihsan for Relief and Development coordinated with Human Appeal to support a Al-Ghadafeh Bakery in rural Idleb by providing 50 tons of flour on September 8, 2014. The goal of the project was to activate the bakery, which provides bread for token prices to 8000 residents in four nearby villages. One ton of flour is enough to produce 10,000 loafs of bread.

Distribution of food and health baskets, shelter kits in Sinjar, Idleb

Ihsan for Relief and Development coordinated with ACTED to distribute food baskets, health baskets and shelter kids in the Sinjar region of Idleb. The distribution of 6672 baskets was completed September 4, 2014.